The core principals that drive us are,

Quality ingredients and processes.
Product consistency – day in day out.
Product innovation.
Quality customer service.

About us

Shivaa's belief in transforming the poultry industry in India has led to high standards in end-products. By following good management practices throughout the entire chain of processing chicken and eggs, health and nutrition is guaranteed. At Shivaa`s there is a relentless emphasis on creating nutrition rich chicken and eggs. By ensuring the birds, the feed and quality are one part with great standards.

Shivaa`s ensures that the birds are carefully selected and bred in a healthy environment and fed with the most nutritious feed-rich in Maize and Soya.

The birds are grown in hygienic, environmentally controlled ultra-modern bio-secured farms. Bio-security is maintained at every stage of production till the products reach the retail outlets.

Feed is the most important factor that provides health and nutrition benefits in the end products. Shivaa`s takes care in formulation and nourishment of birds with the right feed throughout its lifecycle. We are competent, experienced, and highly qualified professionals, including poultry nutritionists and veterinarians carry out feed formulation. The farmers are guided through good management practices to maintain health and nutrition aspects in the end products.

Shivaa`s offers nutritious, hygienic ,healthy and affordable broiler chicks, birds and high quality hatching eggs. With us you can be sure of the highest quality of health and nutrition in all your meals.

Partner with Us

Shivaa's constant endeavor to deliver high quality products has resulted in it becoming a household name.

This success has only inspired us to seek out more quality partnerships. With the intent to offer the best products to a large network of farmers and delight consumers with every bite, Shivaa is constantly identifying partners it can build lasting relationships with.

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