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Shivaa Hatcheries is a leading poultry industry in Pollachi, Tamilnadu India. Our main products are Hatching Eggs, Broiler Chicks, Broiler Birds and Broiler feeds. Our broiler age is below 5 weeks and its body weight is 1.8 - 2.1 kg with tender, soft, pliable smooth textured breast Meat. We have introduced number of additives for efficient and economic broiler productions. We use those methods in our poultry to make broiler, free from diseases.

The birds are grown in hygienic, environmentally controlled ultra-modern bio-secured farms. Bio-security is maintained at every stage of production till the products reach the retail outlets.

A well controlled process ensures you get nothing but the freshest of chicken straight from the farms. Grown in natural conditions with nutrition rich Our Own feed, you can be assured that every bite is Rich in protein, great in taste.

This superior Vencobb chicken is now available at affordable prices. The next time you are out shopping, look out for the Shivaa Chicken sign in any of your neighborhood chicken stores and always ask your retailer for Shivaa Chicken.

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Shivaa’s innovation and efforts to maintain consistency, highest quality and hygiene standards are well appreciated by the many that savor the taste of its good chicken.

Few things about our Products

Shivaa’s hatching eggs come from India's No.1 parent stock of Vencobb breed. Reared under Bio –secured poultry house sheds in moderate climate Reared under strict supervision Fed with health corn diet scientifically balanced nutrients Young tender birds of 35 – 40 days age Rich in protein, great in taste, Eat & Enjoy Delicious & wholesome meat quality Processed under strict quality control and supervision Free from pathogens and all the bacterial counts are within the permissible limits

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