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Shivaa chicken outlet offers a unique shopping experience. With an elegant ambience, the modern retail store is aesthetically pleasing and is annexed with efficient storage facilities. The store is equipped with stainless steel work stations including upstanding storage units, precise cutting and packing machines, and automatic weighing machines.

Our Method

1) Halal Cutting:
- Halal meat is made in a way to drain away blood which has many diseases and causes diseases in people who eat meat in which blood has not been drained.
- It is also meat that does not spoil as quickly.

2) Stainless steel blade is used for cutting the meat instead of iron blade because iron shatters when collides with bones which will get mixed with the meat an if consumed it is really dangerous.

3) Environmental facts:
- We dont use plastic carry cover for packing of meat.
- The plastic cover produces heat when wrapped which causes changes in the flavour of chicken meat.
- We use silver foils for packing purpose instead of plastic covers.

Shivaa Chickens high quality chicken product range includes:

Whole Chicken

Curry cut


Boneless breast


Marinated drumsticks

Our Outlet:

fssai no : 22417403000001

fssai no : 22417403000001

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