Parent Stock

Shivaa Chicken is one of the major Broiler Day Old Chick producers in south India, we produce Vencobb broiler day-old chicks - India's No. 1 broiler breed. All Vencobb parent stocks are housed in sheds that are equipped with latest technology for both female and male birds. Bio-security of the breeding farms is given utmost importance and accordingly the farms are located outside the city limits.

Hatching Eggs

Shivaa’s hatching eggs come from India's No.1 parent stock Vencobb Chicken. With a rich experience for over two decades, Shivaa addresses various needs of the farmers. Shivaa’s high quality fertile hatching eggs is an ideal choice for you.With a fair price our farm fresh broiler hatching eggs are one of the best in the industry. The eggs are preserved in the cleanest of environments and are packed in the safest materials...


Shivaa's hatcheries produce a majority of the broiler consumed in the developed world. It is a multibillion dollar industry, with highly regimented production systems used to maximize bird size versus feed consumed. Birds are produced and maintained under high density, which makes production and harvesting more economical.

Breeder Farms

Shivaa's Poultry Products has been maintaining a Broiler breeding farm in coimbatore. The envisaged capacity of the Farm is to near 30,000 parents and hatching 56 Lakhs eggs per annum. Presently we are producing and distributing about 1,00,000 chicks per week. Parental stock of broiler is of Vencobb breed and are selected at their eight weeks of age.

Feed Mills

Shivaa's Poultry Products has maintaining feed mill for broiler. Cost of feeding in case of broiler is around 70 percent of total expenditure and basically two types of ration is feed to the birds. Broiler starter ration characterized by high crude protein(22 percent) and less metabolizable energy whereas, the finisher ration consists of less CP and more metabolizable energy.

Ready to market

Shivaa's chicken outlet is delivering fresh cut chicken to the consumers in and around Coimbatore and Pollachi. We deliver hygenic specialized chicken parts like chicken wings, chicken liver, boneless, leg piece, whole chicken, minced chicken, etc. in a clean environment. Along with Chicken, masala products and eggs are also sold here.